Bart Beuckels

Bart Beuckels is Senior Process Engineer with Honeywell UOP's Gas Processing & Hydrogen division. Honeywell UOP is an international company developing process technologies, manufacturing products and delivering solutions to the refining, gas processing and?petrochemical?production industries. UOP's headquarters are in Chicago, IL, USA. Bart is working with Honeywell UOP for 8 years. He's based out of the UOP office in Antwerp, Belgium. Within UOP, Bart is a technical lead for the Gas Processing technologies for the EMEA+FSU region (Europe, Middle East, Africa and FSU). He has extensive experience in technology development, process simulations and system design, with a special focus on UOP's absorption, membrane and adsorption based solutions. In May 2017, Bart presented at the GPAE conference discussing the importance of trace components in the development of natural gas processing schemes. In earlier years, he also presented at the International Gas Union Research Conference (IGRC), IChemE Gasification, SMi FLNG, and GTC Gasification.