Johannes Amtmann

Geo5 Gmbh

Johannes Amtmann is a senior geoscientist at the University of Leoben, Austria and a co-founder, associate and consultant at Geo5 GmbH, which is a start up company in consulting and development of seismic interpretation software. He graduated at the university of Leoben. In the last 15 years he gained a lot of experience in seismic interpretation, seismic modelling and petrophysics. Especially the selection and calculation of seismic attributes is one of his main fields, which he has done for a consultant oil company and a research company in Austria for projects all over the world. Three years ago, he founded a company with 4 other geoscientists to concentrate their expertise. At the moment he is the head of the research project GeoSegment3D, where a workflow is created for testing seismic attributes and clustering algorithms on synthetic seismic data and real seismic data. The research project is done by researchers of the university of Leoben and by researchers of Geo5 GmbH. The aim of the research project is to get a more automatic seismic interpretation workflow, than it is common at the moment.