Juergen Groenner

Managing director
Westnetz Gmbh
Gronner, Jurgen (53) Dr.-Ing. Managing Director Westnetz GmbH, Dortmund Jurgen Gronner received his Ph.D. in fluid dynamics in 94 from University of Essen, Germany, subject of his thesis was "Numerical Simulation of Compressible, Viscous and Chemically Reacting Flows". Focussing subsequently on numerical simulation he joined the van Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics in Belgium holding a post-doc fellowship of the European Union. Afterwards, he held several technical functions in Thyssengas, Germany, covering long-distance high-pressure gas transport as well as underground gas storages. As of 2004, he took responsibility for asset-management and strategic functions within RWE Energy AG including electrical and gas infrastructure in Germany and abroad. From 2009 - 2014 Gronner was appointed Vice President Asset Management, RWE Deutschland AG, Essen with special focus on grid strategy including so-called energy transition projects to enable the efficient integration of renewables into distribution grids. Since 2014 he is managing director of Westnetz, the leading DSO in Germany operating electrical and gas grids. He is in charge for asset management, and the operation of mid and low voltage grids and low and mid-pressure gas grids. Furthermore, he is responsible to develop the lean management philosophy within Westnetz. Gronner is married and has two sons.