Katz Sato

Senior General Manager, Southeast Asian Energy Business Dept.
Osaka Gas Co., Ltd

Katz Sato has started his career with Osaka Gas as an engineer to promote co-gen systems for the commercial customers in 1994. After his accomplishment of the master degree for the environmental pollution control in the US, he has developed his experience in LNG procurements and trading and project developments of LNG receiving terminals and upstream. In 2008, he was assigned for the industrial natural gas marketing, not only for the domestic market, but also for the overseas market. Utilizing Osaka Gas's technologies and expertise for energy saving and fuel switching, he has succeeded to establish natural gas marketing business in Singapore and energy service business in Thailand. In order to accelerate his activities in the South East Asia, he has moved to Singapore in November 2014. Served as a Senior Vice President of Osaka Gas Singapore, he has expanded its business in Indonesia and Philippines and enhancing the business in Southeast Asia for Osaka Gas itself, as of April 2018, he was assigned current position.