Ming Cai

Natural Gas and LNG Consultant
Poten & Partners

Ming Cai is an LNG Consultant based in Perth. He is an Asian LNG pricing expert and an expert on economic and econometric modeling. He initiated the short-term/long-term LNG trade simulation tool to forecast future LNG trade pattern by regions. He has been heavily involved in several trading strategy assignments working closely with clients. Particularly, he has led a major study to assist a leading Chinese LNG player to structure its LNG trading strategy. He has conducted abundant quantitative analysis to optimize LNG procurement and sales portfolios, evaluate a variety of contract flexibility, and analyze returns and costs of financing hedging tools. In addition, he originates Poten's in-house price forecasts for Brent, JCC, NBP, Henry Hub and Asian LNG short- and long-term sales. He leads LNG portfolio price forecast model for major Asian markets and gas demand forecast model for China. He has also worked on several assignments involving LNG price index portfolio analysis, LNG project cost evaluation, LNG shipping cost evaluation and capacity optimization, assisting in part through development and application of advanced tools including regression analysis and Monte Carlo simulation. He is fluent in Chinese and English.