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Mateus da Costa

Executive Director for Exploration ANPM Timor Leste


Mr. Mateus da Costa, is current as a Director for Exploration and Acreage Release and Member of Board Directors representing Upstream Sector at the Autoridade Nacional do Petroleo and Minerals (ANPM) or the National Petroleum and Minerals Authority of Timor Leste. He joined the ANPM in the year 2010 as the Director for Acreage Release and Promotion, later in January 2011, due to the Internal Organization re-structuring Mr. da Costa, took a new position as the director for Exploration and Acreage Release until now. At the ANP, Mr. da Costa, tasks is to look after the all the Exploration activities and organizing the licensing round activities for both Timor Leste Exclusive Area (TLEA) and the Joint Petroleum Development Area (JPDA). During the last three years, Mr. Mateus has also travelling around and representing his organization speaking in various International conferences, throughout Asia, Australasia and Europe.
In January 2013, Mr. da Costa was appointed as new member of Board of Directors at ANP for the period of 2013. At the Board of Director Mr. da Costa representing the organization in upstream sector, where part is his main roles and functions like other members of the Board of Directors are to decide strategic issues and polices that guide the organizations directions.
Besides working at the ANP, Mr. da Costa has worked as a Lecturer at and as Vice-Dean of Faculty of Industrial Engineering at the University of Dili during 2010 to 2011. Mr. da Costa, did his MSc in Petroleum Geosciences Engineering at the University of Stavanger, Norway, where he won the 2009 Shell-GeoPrice award for the best Master Students Thesis Presentation at the Winter 2009 Norwegian Geological Society Annual Conferences. He did his BSc. in Exploration Geosciences, at Macquarie University, Sydney – NSW, Australia. He did all his Primary and Secondary School in Timor Leste.