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Dr Thijs de Groot

Innovation Technologist HyCC


Thijs de Groot is a technology developer at HyCC and an associate professor at the University of Eindhoven. He leads HyCCs R,D&I program on green hydrogen, aimed at the development of safe, reliable and cost-effective green hydrogen production by water electrolysis. This program is carried out in open innovation collaborations with (component) suppliers, knowledge institutes and competing companies. Thijs has been at the basis of projects such as the DJEWELS project, a planned 20 MW water electrolysis facility in Delfzijl, the MW test center (a 100+ kW pilot facility for alkaline and PEM technology), and the GW project, a design project aimed at reducing the costs of a GW facility in 2030.  In his role as associate professor he focuses on the intensification of electrochemical processes to enable operation at higher current densities, especially for alkaline and AEM electrolysis.  holds a PhD degree in electrocalysis.