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Showcasing product innovation and technological advances

The increasing demand for energy services is paving the way for a new energy ecosystem. The power and utility industry will witness unprecedented multi-million-dollar investment over the coming decade. Gastech will provide a platform for the utilities industry to showcase the latest product innovations and technological advancements from across the global power and utilities landscape and bring together power leaders to provide insights on building resilient low-carbon business models with agile automated digital operations.

As the utilities industry moves from a linear centralised system to a more flexible, complex and decentralised system, major investment opportunities are being generated for existing and new players.

Strategies to decarbonise and drive investment into power systems

Gastech will enable the industry to share strategies as utility companies worldwide implement proactive measures to decarbonise their power systems, control emissions and attract long-term capital investment.

Gastech will provide an unrivalled platform for the utilities industry to showcase their latest solutions to an audience of thousands, including utilities, EPC’s, digital disruptors, financiers, and investors. Regional and international senior department heads and executives from across the power and utilities value chain will convene to explore the latest technologies, research advancements, technical services and product solutions that are helping shape the future of the industry.

The utilities industry needs to transform their business models to embrace the opportunities presented by new technologies, competition, and customer expectations. Gastech will play a major role in role in supporting businesses to navigate the transition, to Energy 4.0 and successfully bring to market the solutions, products and services customers are now demanding.

Why exhibit

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your expertise and business strategies to support the power and utilities sector to decarbonise and control emissions.

Showcase Your Thought Leadership

your latest technological advances to global energy buyers and decision makers seeking new business solutions.

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new partnerships and secure long-term capital investment to secure the future of your business.

Who exhibits

Join influential global industry players who will be exhibiting at Gastech, to showcase their relevant products, services and solutions, including:

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