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Gastech Hydrogen: Unlocking the low-carbon economy

Gastech Hydrogen Exhibition & Conference will bring together the entire hydrogen value chain to address the key challenges and opportunities created by the energy transition.

Co-located with Gastech’s 50th anniversary edition in Milan, Gastech Hydrogen plays an increasingly important role in connecting the global gas industry, policy makers, business leaders and innovators, seeking to understand hydrogen’s role in low-carbon economies.

A dedicated hydrogen show floor theatre will connect policy makers, producers, consumers and suppliers at the forefront of the hydrogen industry.

Gastech Hydrogen is co-located with Gastech, a global platform that convenes industry leaders annually in their mandate towards lower and zero carbon fuels that will play a central role in the delivery of the new energy landscape.

Why now?

As the world transitions towards a new energy landscape, governments and industry must work together to ensure that they are on target to deliver on the shared global mandate of a low carbon economy. Energy demand is increasing worldwide by both consumers and industries, including power generation, construction, and transport. As an important enabler of engagement between the global gas industry and policy makers, business leaders, disruptors, and innovators, Gastech helps governments and industry navigate the complexities of the energy transition, as companies look to adapt to the trends, challenges and opportunities shaping global gas markets.

Gastech Hydrogen will provide your organisation with unrivalled opportunities

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Understand Hydrogen's role in low-carbon economies

and highlight pathways to future success

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Enjoy unprecedented opportunities to gain insights

and share knowledge with, the policy makers, technologists and companies at the forefront of the hydrogen industry.

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Shape new business models and strategies

to unlock the value of hydrogen's potential as an important clean source of energy.

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Deliver new perspectives and share knowledge

and insights with policy makers, technologists
and organisations at the forefront of hydrogen.

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Support the global gas industry

to understand and identify hydrogen's role in low-carbon economies and the pathways to future success. 

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