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Hydrogen, CCUS & Alternative Energy: Key To Achieving Net Zero

As a low carbon economy becomes a mandate on a global scale and across multiple industries, energy suppliers must make emissions abatement a top, urgent priority. The energy industry is now facing intense pressure to reduce emissions and decarbonise. Hydrogen, carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS) and alternative energy will be key to meeting the climate change mitigation targets and achieving net-zero. As economies recover post COVID-19, Gastech 2021 will provide the global gas industry with a platform to influence the policy debate around environmental and sustainable energy challenges and opportunities.

Gastech 2021 will bring together the entire gas and LNG value chain to forge partnerships, discover growth opportunities and showcase the new capabilities to fast track recovery in a post COVID-19 world. New to Gastech, Gastech Hydrogen is the world’s first major event dedicated to positioning hydrogen as the clean energy solution, connecting policy makers, producers, consumers, scientists and suppliers to facilitate market development.

Safely & Securely Reconnecting the Global Gas, LNG, Hydrogen & Energy Industry

dmg events are working closely with all stakeholders and local partners to ensure enhanced health and safety measures are in place in order to deliver a safe and secure event in September.

Technologies, Products And Services Include:

  • Fuel Cell & Vehicle Technology
  • New Fuel Systems
  • Commercial Road & Rail Transportation
  • Commercial Shipping & Marine Projects
  • Maintenance, Inspection And Testing
  • Cryogenics
  • Catalysation & Chemical Technologies
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Drones
  • Augmented Reality
  • Cybersecurity
  • Blockchain
  • Bunker Operations
  • Advanced Computer Modelling
  • Cloud Computing
  • Digital Procurement
  • Storage and Tanks 
  • Transfer Systems
  • Engine Conversion 
  • Insulated Piping 
  • HSSE
  • Storage & Containment Systems
  • Distribution Network Solutions
  • Site Safety
  • Asset Integrity
  • Sensors
  • Monitoring Systems
  • Hazard Assessment
  • Domestic & Industrial Hydrogen Technology including Boilers and CHP
  • Fuelling And Bunkering Systems and Operations

2021 Exhibitors Include

Industry Related Zones Showcasing Sector-Specific Innovations And Technologies On Dedicated Platforms

Start Up

Gastech Hydrogen

Gastech Hydrogen will showcase business models, the latest hydrogen technology, solutions and R&D advances in the sector.



Ensuring safety and security is integral and is top concern for all those working across all aspects of the gas, LNG, hydrogen and energy value chain.


Digital, AI & Automation Zone

With the 4th industrial age upon us, digitalisation provides the industry opportunities for cost savings, increased productivity and efficiencies.


Small Scale LNG & Bunkering Zone

This zone will showcase the latest in LNG bunkering and infrastructure technologies and equipment.

Start Up (1)

Start-Up Zone - NEW

Gastech Start-up Zone is dedicated to start-up companies that have a disruptive product or solution for carbon neutral energy sources.

Country Pavilions

South Korea

Technologies can accelerate fuel switching and create synergies to integrate renewables, green gas, hydrogen, and CO2 solutions. This will help meet the objective of net-zero emissions that the Green Deal and the circular carbon economy envisioned by the European Union and the G20 respectively."

Joseph McMonigle

Secretary General, International Energy Forum


How important is hydrogen really in the context of our climate aspirations? Bluntly put, it is mission critical."

De La Rey Venter

Executive Vice President, Integrated Gas Ventures, Shell


I don’t think green hydrogen is being promised 20 years from now. It’s something that governments and policymakers want to see happen before 2030. It will not entirely take over the network, but there will be a blended view that progressively will become greener."

Sanjiv Lamba

Chief Operating Officer, Linde