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Accelerating strategies to decarbonize the energy value chain

The Gastech Climatetech conference, consists of a strategic and technical - call for papers led program, bringing together established energy players, technology providers, policy analysts, investors, and big tech to discuss credible, tech-enabled routes to net zero.

With $1.7tn invested into clean technologies in 2023, there's global momentum to deploy new and proven climate technologies that effectively drive down emissions, safeguard future energy suppliers, and advance the pace of a just energy transition. 

The Climatetech conference will showcase cutting edge strategies and technologies designed to reduce, measure, and mitigate global emissions. From CCUS and DAC to new routes to investment and scalability of nascent technologies.


The key pillars shaping the Climatetech conference

Catalyzing decarbonization

with advanced climate technologies

Advancing green molecules and electrons

for a new energy system

Shaping policies

for CCUS innovation and methane abatement

Prioritizing decarbonization

in industrial and hard to abate sectors

Unlocking the potential

of alternative energy sources in the energy mix

Leveraging technological advances

for enhanced power generation and efficiency

Secure your delegate pass and hear from over 600 energy experts, including 300+ energy ministers, CEOs, and business leaders

Mckinsey 190 X 80 Min

The need for climate technology is vast – which creates large potential markets and investment opportunities. Our estimates suggest that next generation technologies could attract $1.5 trillion to $2 trillion of capital investment per year by 2025.”

An executive’s guide to climate technology

Climatetech sessions will include:

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How pioneering and agile start-ups are using advanced climate technologies to reduce emissions in multinational energy companies

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Carbon capture, utilization, and storage

How CCUS is creating new business cases, synergies, and markets.

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Talent pool

How do we train the climate technologies workers of tomorrow, and re-skill, and up-skill offshore workers who want to transition into the climate technologies sector?

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Policy and Investment

What do global policymakers need to do to support investment in clean technologies to drive decarbonization? How does the investment landscape need to change for climate technologies to flourish?

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What is the global cost of GHG emissions, and how can education be best utilised to reduce emissions?

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How are artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, data visualisation, and satellite monitoring technologies driving emissions reductions?

Christian Signoretto

"Companies and the gas industry will need to commit to invest billions of dollars in the next decade in order to make sure we reach the target of net zero emissions.”

Cristian Signoretto
Deputy Chief Operating Officer - Natural Resources | Eni

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Secure your delegate pass and hear from over 600 energy experts, including 300+ energy ministers, CEOs, and business leaders