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Decarbonising the energy value chain

At Gastech 2023, thought leaders from global energy and technology businesses will come together, at Climatetech, to provide an exceptional opportunity for participants to explore the latest solutions, services, and technologies that will have a role to play in addressing climate change and achieving net zero ambitions.

The Climatetech Exhibition will provide a showcase for existing climate technologies available for development at scale as well as new and emerging technologies. Attendees will be able to source physical technologies such as carbon capture, direct air capture, carbon movement and storage systems, as well digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, analytics, remote sensing, and geographic information systems.

Exhibit at Climatetech to highlight the role your company is playing in an increasingly important, and emerging sector, with a key focus on:

  • Transportation
  • Mobility
  • Emissions reduction in the energy sector
  • Curbing emissions in construction
  • Carbon capture, storage, and utilisation
  • Decarbonisation of heavy industry
  • Using artificial intelligence, big data, and smart technology to reduce emissions
  • Gas detection, and site monitoring
  • Training, and skill development

Who exhibits?

Gastech 2023 will feature over 750 exhibitors from across the energy value chain. These companies range from large international energy providers to start-ups breaking new ground in delivering the energy solutions of the future.

Previous exhibiting and sponsoring companies showcasing new solutions and strategies at Gastech include:

Maximising ROI for your business

More than 750 exhibiting companies participate at the Gastech Exhibition. Supported by many of the world’s leading energy professionals, strategists and policymakers, Gastech hosts a comprehensive range of solution providers covering the entire gas, hydrogen, low-carbon solutions, climate technologies and energy value chain.