The Gastech Strategic Conference

The Gastech Strategic Conference provides a platform to discuss and share the real-world insights that will help delegates understand the fast-changing dynamics of the world’s evolving energy needs.

Over four days, more than 500 Global c-suite executives, Ministers, policymakers, and business leaders, policymakers, and global business leaders will exchange insights on the real-world strategies and business models shaping the climate actions that will not only deliver transparent emissions reductions and industry-wide decarbonization, but also continuing shareholder value.

Gastech is an essential forum for energy leaders to steer the future of the industry, with a full agenda that will provide a platform to discuss both the challenges we face as well as the solutions we need to drive us towards an era of low-carbon, sustainable energy.



Gastech Strategic Conference Agenda

Ministers, policymakers, and global CEOs will set new agendas for the energy industry and advance critical discussions on global energy security and transitions.

Gastech 2024 Strategic Conference themes


an equitable energy transition


natural gas as an enabler of the energy transition


capital for a next-gen energy system


a multi-source energy future through climate technologies


hydrogen's role in the global energy mix


partnerships, policy & regulation for sustainable impact


talent for an evolving energy landscape

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Willie Phillips (2)

The convening of global energy leaders at Gastech could not come at a more critical time. I don’t see tension between the steps we have taken to fight climate change and the use of natural gas and LNG. Natural gas and LNG will be a feature of our energy mix far into the future. When it comes to considering new projects, one of the key things I consider is the impact that these projects will have on the climate. There will be no transition of our energy system without natural gas.

Willie L. Phillips
Chairman, US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
Paul Everingham (1)

Gastech plays a very important role as a global forum that brings together nations, industry, and companies to work on meaningful, credible energy solutions. Our organization, the Asia Natural Gas & Energy Association (ANGEA), finds Gastech invaluable for facilitating discussions about the vital role that gas will play in enabling economic growth throughout Asia while also reducing carbon emissions.

Paul Everingham
CEO, Asia Natural Gas & Energy Association (ANGEA)
Mark Menezes, President & CEO, United States Energy Association (USEA)

The upcoming Gastech Conference is the perfect setting for meaningful discussions and collaboration to drive progress toward a sustainable energy future. These events are key to finding innovative solutions for the evolving energy landscape.

Mark Menezes
President & CEO, United States Energy Association, and
Former United States Deputy Secretary of Energy