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Cutting-edge energy transition solutions

Gastech incorporates a number of show floor highlights focused on the critical topics dominating our industry. 

Visitors will be among the first to view the latest industry-changing technologies and ground-breaking solutions. Our show floor highlights at Gastech provide platforms for discussion, knowledge exchange, and business collaboration.

Gastech Hydrogen: Accelerating hydrogen’s role in the global energy mix

Gastech Hydrogen is perfectly poised to drive transformational progress in the energy industry. To transition towards a more sustainable future, the energy industry needs to embrace innovation and invest in hydrogen technology to ensure decarbonized production, drive operational efficiencies and ensure competitive pricing for off-takers. Transport and storage infrastructure development will also be a priority to meet new applications and global demand.

Held within the main Gastech Exhibition, Gastech Hydrogen will provide a unique perspective for visitors to connect, network, and find new technologies, innovations, and contributions to the hydrogen value chain. Exhibiting companies will showcase hydrogen solutions, and demonstrate hydrogen’s role in reducing emissions to meet climate commitments.


Gastech Climatetech: Decarbonizing the energy value chain

From multi-million dollar carbon capture projects to artificial intelligence initiatives, the need for climate technology is growing exponentially, creating large markets and investment opportunities.

The Gastech Climatetech, on the Gastech show-floor, reflects the growing need for climate strategies in the energy industry. The zone will be a forum for both end users and solution providers to showcase climate technologies that will help accelerate the transition to a low-carbon energy value chain. The Gastech Climatetech provides a business focused forum to demonstrate existing technologies, available for development at scale, as well as new technologies, all of which have a role to play in addressing climate change and achieving net zero ambitions.

Gastech 2024 will feature over 800 exhibitors from across the energy value chain. These companies range from large international energy providers to start-ups breaking new ground in delivering the energy solutions of the future.


Gastech Climatetech exhibitors:

Gastech Shipping & Marine: Investing in LNG infrastructure and decarbonizing the marine value chain

It is estimated that a 15% reduction in shipping and maritime emissions is needed by 2030 to keep net zero targets within reach. To address this, the 2023 IMO GHG Strategy has set industry-wide targets to significantly reduce the carbon intensity of international shipping – which now accounts for over 85% of global trade. Alongside this reduction, they have set ambitions of zero (or near-zero) GHG emission technologies, fuels and energy sources to represent 5-10% of energy used by the sector by 2030.

Located within the main Gastech Exhibition, Gastech Shipping and Marine will showcase expertise in ship building, ship to ship transfer, terminal infrastructure and decarbonization technologies, alongside spotlighting how marine services, logistics, and transportation of freight can be achieved in a environmentally responsible way.


20 international country pavilions: An international hub of energy commerce, cross-border innovation, and bilateral trade.

The global energy trilemma cannot be addressed without committed cross-border collaboration - international partnerships and bilateral trade agreements are essential for us to move the dial. 

With 20 international country pavilions and over 50,000 visitors, Gastech serves as a catalyst for transformative partnerships and close collaboration. It brings together individuals, companies, and countries to explore new markets and build the frameworks they need to forge cross-border partnerships and initiatives that have a tangible impact on the energy transition.


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