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Gastech Technical and Commercial conferences

The Gastech Technical and Commercial conferences are critical platforms for tomorrow’s pioneers and pathfinders, showcasing the groundbreaking innovations and inspiring visions that can accelerate climate action and deliver a transition to a more sustainable tomorrow.

Gastech’s Technical and Commercial conferences will deliver world-class programmes in Hydrogen, Climatetech, EPC & Gas Processing, Shipping & Marine, and Commercial, carefully selected by the 50+ members of the Governing Body, based on Call for papers submissions.


Technical and Commercial conference programs

Are you interested in speaking at Gastech 2024 in Houston ?

Energy professionals are invited to submit technical papers and commercial papers by 26 January 2024 in order to be considered for the presentation during the Gastech conference.

2023 Technical and Commercial conference speakers

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Gain CPD accreditation

The Gastech Technical and Commercial Conference has been accredited by the CPD Certification Service, which provides recognised independent CPD accreditation compatible with global CPD requirements for energy professionals. Additional benefits include:

  • Engaging in Continuing Professional Development ensures that your professional qualifications do not become outdated or obsolete.
  • Earning CPD points allows you to 'up skill' or 're-skill' yourself, thereby complementing your career aspirations.
  • CPD accredited programmes, such as the Gastech Technical and Commercial Conference, enable you to identify knowledge gaps and gain insights into the latest developments, showing a clear commitment to self-development and professionalism.
  • Receive your CPD accreditation certificate after the Gastech Technical and Commercial Conference.