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Setting the scene for the Gastech 2023 energy conversation

Gastech 2023 will host some of the most important conversations about the future of the industry. Discussions will link geopolitical events with impacts on the global economy and the likely consequences in both the near- and long-term for the role of natural gas, liquified natural gas (LNG), hydrogen, and low-carbon and climate technologies.

Singapore is playing a growing and important role in global energy markets. As a major energy-trading hub and the world’s third largest refining centre, the city state will welcome over 300 ministers and CEOs as well over 4,000 policy makers and business leaders from over 100 countries.

The increase in Asian gas demand is well documented and is the result of economic, political and environmental factors. Gas, LNG, and now hydrogen, will be critical in ensuring energy security and acting as a bridging energy source to a low-carbon energy system in many Asian market.

With market instability spreading across the US and Europe and with inflationary pressures and slowing growth, many eyes will be on China, with analysts looking to see how slower growth, spiralling commodity prices and the ever present threat of a resurgence of COVID-19, will be managed.

Nevertheless, Asian LNG demand, led by China is expected to remain high and potentially increase by as much as 25% through 2025. The Gastech 2023 conference will cover these topics as well a broad range of other issues pertinent to the industry.

For over 50 years, Gastech has played a pivotal role in the energy industry, bringing together world energy leaders, thought leaders and innovators for an unparalleled industry experience over a four-day period.

As the global energy landscape is stress tested like never before, facing some of the most challenging disruptions witnessed in decades, Gastech 2023 in Singapore will take place at an important time for the industry, and for the Asian energy market.

Geopolitical events have heightened concerns around energy security and refocused attention on the role of gas in meeting energy demand, presenting the natural gas, LNG, hydrogen, low-carbon solutions and climate technologies industries with a key opportunity to shape the future direction of the ‘new different’ global energy landscape.

Ahead of COP-28 in the UAE, Gastech will be in a unique position to influence the agenda and possible outcomes and implications for the energy industry.
Natural gas has proven to be a key energy source not only to tackle emissions but to provide a secure supply of energy. However, to support the energy transition, infrastructure will need to be adapted to accommodate the rapid adoption of hydrogen and low-carbon gas solutions.

Gastech has united the global gas, LNG, and energy industries for over 50 years and continues to do so, placing its emphasis on the future and convening the global community.

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