At The Heart Of The Gas, LNG, Hydrogen And Energy Conversation

Gastech is a global platform with the power to convene industry leaders in their mission to provide low carbon, affordable energy for all. Singapore will provide a home for Gastech in 2021 that balances the truly international nature of our exhibitors, sponsors, delegates and attendees, whilst capitalising on the location’s strategic importance as a hub for the growing Asian market. As the Gas and LNG market experiences strong growth and change, there has never been a more important time for the community to come together, forge partnerships, do business and define the future of the industry.

Singapore is one of the most important Energy and financial hubs in the world and an epicentre for trade across Asia. Singapore’s major influence as a Gas and LNG hub reflects the excitement and positivity driving growth in the region

A Trusted Brand For Over 50 Years

Gastech has been at the forefront of the Natural Gas and LNG business for more than four decades, with each edition being supported by a host partner since 2002.

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‘‘Singapore is the world’s leading maritime hub and top bunkering port. We are committed to
developing Singapore as an LNG hub by promoting innovation in the sector, adopting more environmentally sustainable energy strategies and ensuring cost-effective and efficient LNG bunkering. With a rich ecosystem, close links to the region and pro-business environment, Singapore can be a launchpad for companies and professionals to test-bed innovative concepts and form business partnerships to pursue LNG opportunities in Asia. I warmly welcome the global gas and LNG community to explore opportunities and partnerships in Singapore at Gastech 2021.’’


"Energy is at the heartbeat of all this activity, but just decarbonising the energy system does not solve the climate problem. That is why it’s imperative for us all, even within the energy industry to take a system view of everything we do and work together on decarbonising our ecosystems."


"I attend Gastech because the world of Gas is huge, from exploration all the way to the burner tip. It straddles the globe and every year we add hundreds of new participants so we need a meeting place where the entire industry both commercial and technical as well as the regulatory folks involved can get together and have honest debates, talk about our challenges, our image problem and our opportunities and technologies that can help us keep costs down and lower our emissions."


"If we look at any credible forecast by ExxonMobil, Wood Mackenzie, EIA or IEA they all forecast significant growth in natural gas demand. Most of that new demand will be driven by the emerging economies of China, India and other countries in Asia. The demand outlook for the LNG industry is very bright."


"Gastech has proved to be one of the regular and most important meeting points for the industry. I keep getting surprised at how many people come who have a lot of great ideas for the industry."