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Laying the foundations for a secure, sustainable and affordable energy future

The Gastech 2023 Hydrogen Conference will look at the growing importance of hydrogen in the evolving global energy mix.

As the industry grapples with the energy trilemma, hydrogen-based solutions could open the way to more secure, sustainable, and affordable energy supplies across the globe. The Gastech 2023 Hydrogen Conference will convene the industry’s leading players to discuss technological breakthroughs, and challenges in upscaling the global hydrogen economy.

In Singapore, and across the world, policymakers are positioning hydrogen as central to net zero ambitions. With energy demand growing in line with the global population, hydrogen and associated climate technologies will be key to slowing planetary warming.

Combining leadership, strategic, and operational insights with pioneering case studies and technical learnings, the conference will provide holistic analysis of industry progress. The dedicated Gastech Hydrogen theatre will provide a fittingly unique venue for these vital discussions.

Gastech Hydrogen - Strategic Conference

As hydrogen secures its place in the global energy mix, the Gastech Hydrogen Strategic Conference programme will explore the role of hydrogen in future energy systems. Energy Ministers and global business leaders will discuss hydrogen’s role as a decarboniser:

  • In helping nations move away from traditional carbon-intensive energy systems
  • In production and how it can be significantly scaled-up and the world can begin to move to a zero carbon-based economy.

Sitting beneath these key discussion points, Gastech will:

  • Build consensus for putting in place climate friendly regulation, providing more investment, promoting greater public awareness and bringing through the next generation of industry professionals
  • Show how C02 heavy industries such as cement and steel can adopt hydrogen as a decarboniser
  • Create consensus as to how hydrogen can be utilised as both a centralised and decentralised source of primary and back-up power
  • Provide a platform for major energy companies and governments to showcase large-scale hydrogen projects.


Gastech Hydrogen - Technical and Commercial Conference

Featuring over 100+ speakers, the Hydrogen Technical and Commercial Conference will discuss the significant progress that has been made in the development of this key energy vector. The Technical Conference will highlight world-leading hydrogen research, while the Commercial Conference provides a forum for executives to exchange strategy and best practice on hydrogen’s role in delivering corporate and governmental net zero targets.

Made more urgent by current geo-political instability, leading experts across the value chain will showcase the latest advances in green hydrogen, biomethane production, and bio and synthetic gas products, and innovations in CCS and hydrogen technologies, to push forward their rollout and deliver on climate commitments.

Key themes include:

  • The energy transition
  • Policy and regulation
  • Future financing and investment
  • Upscaling the global hydrogen value chain
  • Technology advances in hydrogen production
  • Applications for hydrogen across the gas network

Previous Technical & Commercial speakers include: