Ryo Chishiro

Ryo Chishiro

Senior Manager - Hydrogen Strategy Division

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
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Ryo Chishiro is a Senior Manager of Standard & License Department, Hydrogen Strategy Division, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.

He joined Kawasaki in 1995 and was engaged in development of the equipment for nuclear backend field such as reprocessing equipment for Fast Breeding Reactor (FBR) spent fuel at Nuclear Energy Plant Division.He has been responsible for establishing international hydrogen supply chain since 2015 and involved in a number of hydrogen projects.

As a Senior Manager of Standard & License Department, he leads the development of rules for a hydrogen society in the division, especially is responsible for developing proposals to revise existing or setting new regulations and standards suitable for hydrogen business.He earned his Master’s in Engineering Technology from Nagoya University in 1995.