Ming Cai

Ming Cai

LNG Consultant

Poten & Partners
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Ming is an LNG Consultant based in Perth. He is an Asian LNG pricing and China gas market expert and a specialist in economic and econometric modeling. He has been working with clients closely on China gas market analysis at country level, regional level or company level. He originates Poten’s in-house price forecasts for Brent, TTF, JKM, and Asian LNG short- and long-term sales and has assisted Niche Asian buyers to determine LNG procurement strategy with negotiation supports. He has developed LNG import project economic model for China, India, Thailand and Australia, and LNG liquefaction project economic model for projects in North America, Australia, and Indonesia.

Ming has led one major study to assist an Asian buyer to establish its hedging strategy and three major assignments to help clients develop their LNG trading strategy. He has also been heavily involved with other assignment to help clients understand better of LNG trading and risk mitigation. In addition, he also developed the long-term and short-term LNG trade flow model to stimulate the future flows by regions based on the scenarios on overall market dynamics and alternative fuel prices.