His Excellency Engineer Awaidha Murshed Ali Al Marar

His Excellency Engineer Awaidha Murshed Ali Al Marar


Department of Energy, Abu Dhabi

His Excellency Eng. Awaidha Murshed Ali Al Marar is Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Department of Energy, the government regulator mandated to lead the UAE capital’s energy transition towards a more sustainable future through world-class, innovative policies and regulations that enhance the sector’s competitiveness.He joined the Department of Energy at its inception in 2018 to drive Abu Dhabi’s efforts in finding new, cleaner energy pathways to meet the UAE’s 2050 Net Zero commitments towards a carbon-neutral economy. H.E. Al Marar, who is also a Member of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council, works closely with other local authorities to optimise energy resources that contribute to the UAE capital’s economic and social growth, while also driving the climate change agenda.Additionally, he serves on the boards of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC), Nawah Energy Company and Barakah One in an advisory capacity. He is also an executive member of the Supreme Committee of the Water and Electricity Sector, Committee for Public Projects and Operational Affairs, and Committee for Human Resources and Executive Management.Prior to his appointment to the Department of Energy, H.E Al Marar was Chairman of the Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport Abu Dhabi and occupied leadership positions at Abu Dhabi General Services Company (Musanada) and ADNOC.H.E. Al Marar holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Arizona, USA, and an MBA from the UAE University’s College of Business and Economics.