James Holbeach

James Holbeach

Global Director – Energy Transition and Flow Assurance

Wood PLC
Wood Resized

Dr Holbeach is Global Director – Energy Transition and Flow Assurance for Wood.  He has a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical), a Bachelor of Science (Physics) and was awarded his PhD from the University of Melbourne, in Chemical Engineering. James has over 20 years’ industry experience in automation and control and complex dynamic process engineering across multiple industry sectors. In his present role he is responsible for the world’s largest flow assurance group, working in the production, transport and sequestration of complex fluids such as CO2, Hydrogen and raw hydrocarbons amongst others. In addition his remit covers Wood’s global CFD and Metering and Allocation consultancy services including some 250 highly specialised engineers. He is accountable for Wood’s industry leading design and operations software Virtuoso, for CO2, hydrocarbon, and hydrogen enriched natural gas networks. He has managed and provided consultancy support to some of the largest energy and resource projects around the world and has worked at all stages of project execution and operations for service companies and operators alike.