Sponsoring Gastech Delivers

With numerous branding and marketing opportunities across Gastech, no matter your business objectives or budget, you will be able to customise your sponsorship package to meet your requirements.

See how we can help design your sponsorship at Gastech and help you reach your target audience and deliver your business proposition effectively to them.

Why sponsor Gastech?

As a sponsor, your company will be positioned amongst the most influential and important players across the gas, LNG and energy industry. Gastech provides your company with the opportunity to place your marketing and branding in front of 35,000 industry professionals, enabling you to secure new business, service your existing clients and engage in industry dialogue.

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Conduct business transactions

Multi-million dollar contracts are negotiated and signed at Gastech. As global demand for gas, LNG and energy rises so will the value of these contracts. 87% of attendees at Gastech are decision-makers, purchasers and influencers.

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Knowledge exchange

Gastech is at the forefront of the global energy transition. The conference hosts over 350 speakers and 3,500 delegates offering a unique breadth of insight, dialogue and networking opportunity connecting policy, strategy and technical leadership across all elements of the gas, LNG and energy value chain.

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Global exposure

With over 100 countries represented, Gastech is a truly global exhibition and conference, providing your business with multiple opportunities to each new and potential customers from across the globe.

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Support to achieve business objectives

Throughout the campaign, Gastech maintains a close relationship with industry stakeholders, sponsors and exhibitors. With dedicated marketing support and advice, 89% of sponsors and exhibitors said that Gastech helped meet or exceed their objectives.

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A must attend event

Where the who’s-who of the industry convenes, Gastech is the most important and largest meeting place for the LNG, gas and energy industry. 88% of sponsors and exhibitors stated that it was important for them to be seen at Gastech.

Sponsorship facts - did you know…?

Advertising at live events is:

4 times more effective than radio


3 times more effective than print


2 times more effective than TV

Leave lasting impressions

After attending an event, 69% of attendees would recommend brands they encounter

Enhance your corporate image

The perception of the quality and value of your brand can rise by 21% after attendees experience your brand at an event.

Be viewed as a pioneer

Attendees who encounter your brand at an event perceive your products and services to be 28% more innovative than they did previously

Customised Sponsored Partnerships

An exclusive array of Partnerships can also be tailored to suit your needs. Partnerships are designed to give the Sponsor a unique stand alone sponsorship level which can be based on their particular needs.

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Design your Sponsorship

Reach your target audience. Customise your sponsorship
package to meet your needs

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Read the Prospectus

More about packages including signage, meeting rooms,
print, digital & all year round opportunities.

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Book a Stand

Exhibit at the world's largest market place
70% of the exhibition is already sold & reserved.

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