The Power Play Awards are back!

What started as a spark in 2019 has grown into a bright and vibrant flame as the Power Play Awards enters its sixth year of shining a light on the accomplishments of remarkable women and men who uphold the importance of supporting and empowering others in the workplace. They demonstrate how a mutually supportive environment can help support great business outcomes across all parts of the LNG value chain. 

Nominations for the sixth annual awards are now open, and below are the four award categories for which you can help us recognize advances in LNG and decarbonization and the remarkable professionals who make them happen. The Rising Star, Pioneer and Ambassador categories are focused on the LNG industry while the Low Carbon Accelerator category is open to the decarbonization industry.

The 2024 Power Play Awards categories are:

The Rising Star - Outstanding Young Professional

The Rising Star Award celebrates a woman, 35 or younger, who is excelling early in her LNG career. She shows tenacity, resiliency and positive energy through her already noteworthy contributions in the LNG sector. Valued by peers and mentors as part of the next generation of LNG leadership, she’s someone to watch. 

The Pioneer - Outstanding Business, Innovation and/or Technology Contribution

The Pioneer Award honors a woman who has delivered outstanding business results or innovation and technology leadership amid the ever-evolving energy transition landscape. Colleagues might note her unrelenting positive energy, steadfast reliability or unique ability to advance a technology, innovation or business goal, but she likely describes herself as someone who thrives on success. Qualifying activities may include, for example, the close of large deal, spearheading technology development/deployment, a new installation, a cost-saving initiative or an innovative commercial deal. 

The Ambassador - Outstanding Leadership

The Ambassador Award honors a person who, through their words, actions and positive energy, inspires those who work with and around them. This individual has a collaborative leadership style that builds bridges, fosters productive relationships, finds solutions and drives the diversity and inclusion initiative forward. They create opportunities for others, and either consciously or not, act as a role model in their field. They carry a sense of purpose in all that they do, whilst maintaining a commitment to ethical work practices with the aim of being a responsible global citizen. 

The Low Carbon Accelerator – Outstanding Collaboration and Innovation

The Low Carbon Accelerator Award recognizes a woman who is making significant contributions by leveraging innovation and collaboration to accelerate society’s path to net zero. She has a remarkable talent for uniting parties with diverse interests towards a shared objective of decarbonization. Her innovative thinking and unwavering commitment to overcoming complex challenges is truly inspiring. Whether through research and development or by forging strategic alliances, partnerships, or deals, she is driving the transition forward.

The deadline for nominations is coming fast so don't let the clock run out on you.

The 2024 Power Play Awards are now underway! See below for key dates:

The deadline for nominations is coming fast so don't let the clock run out on you.