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About Gastech 2022

A landmark event in the industry’s calendar, Gastech 2022 will shape the future of energy by bringing the industry together to discuss the global energy agenda.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in Milan, an international centre of business with a thriving gas industry, the four-day exhibition and conference will gather Ministers, CEOs, policy makers, business leaders, engineers, innovators, and disruptors. They will convey their unique perspectives on the current state of the energy industry and ambitions for how it will evolve over the coming decades.

Gastech 2022 will take place in the post COP-26 environment already marked by an emergence from a pandemic, an economic recovery, and more pressure for increased emissions reductions. The world expects the energy industry to respond.

The industry itself is faced with the challenges of increasing global demand for energy alongside calls for urgent action on emissions management.

Energy demand fundamentals indicate that natural gas will continue to play a key role in the future  energy mix, whilst hydrogen presents a new dimension to the energy system, creating huge opportunities across the value chain.

Ideally timed ten months post COP-26 Gastech Milan will provide a forum for exhibitors, sponsors, and speakers, to showcase to a global audience, their solutions to the challenges faced on the journey to net-zero.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in Milan 2022

A landmark event in the industry's calendar, Gastech 2022 is celebrating its 50th anniversary in Milan. Gastech has been at the forefront of the natural gas and LNG business for five decades, with each edition being supported by a host partner since 2002.

Organised by dmg events

A market leading exhibition and conference organiser for the energy industry.

Gastech is organised by dmg events, leaders in delivering energy focused exhibitions and conferences, connecting the industry, and enabling new conversations via in-person, hybrid and digital events.

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