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Accelerating strategies to decarbonize the energy value chain

Net zero ambitions are transforming the global energy ecosystem, as new policies and regulatory frameworks create market opportunities for the development and deployment of climate technologies. With US $1.7tn invested into clean technologies in 2023, there is growing momentum for emissions reduction technologies able to accelerate the energy transition.

COP28 stressed the importance of cutting global emissions through policy action and technology innovation. To achieve ambitious targets, countries are expected to set Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) demonstrating their commitment to emissions reduction.

Meanwhile, initiatives, such as COP28’s Industrial Transition Accelerator have called for public and private sector stakeholders to collaborate to quicken the pace of adoption of new technologies across operations, power generation, transportation, and hard-to-abate sectors.

Gastech Climatetech & AI Strategic Conference Program will bring together energy leaders, policy analysts, investors, and technology influencers to debate and demonstrate the latest strategies, technology and AI, and operating systems designed to reduce, measure, report and mitigate global emissions. From CCUS and DAC, to new routes to investment and scalability of nascent technologies, the conference will deliver high-level insights into cross-industry partnerships and strategies for creating commercial value from new and emerging climate technologies.


The key pillars shaping the Climatetech & AI Conference Programs

Catalyzing decarbonization

with advanced climate technologies

Advancing green molecules and electrons

for a new energy system

Shaping policies, innovation, and investment

for CCUS and methane abatement

Prioritizing decarbonization

in industrial and hard-to-abate sectors

Unlocking the potential of hydrogen

as a critical component of the broad energy mix

Leveraging technological advances

for enhanced power generation and efficiency

Accelerate methane abatement

by unifying efforts and standardizing reporting

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Jane Stricker

With unparalleled access to the world’s leading energy ecosystem, Houston is uniquely positioned to drive low carbon energy innovation forward. As a quickly emerging energy innovation hub and home to over 200 climatetech startups, Houston is primed to develop and deploy the technologies needed to decarbonize industry at scale. We look forward to hosting Gastech Climatech 2024 and the opportunity to showcase our region’s success.

Jane Stricker
Senior Vice President, Greater Houston Partnership and Executive Director, Houston Energy Transition Initiative