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Gastech Leadership Roundtables

By invitation-only, Gastech's Leadership Roundtables brought together the energy sectors most distinguished thought leaders, strategists, and policymakers. It facilitated important discussions about the future of energy production supply and use, while providing excellent networking opportunities which empowered attendees to build high-level industry connections. The programme topics debated the crucial strategies required to ensure future success. 

Covering 9 engaging and topical issues, the Leadership Roundtables delivered high level, productive discussions, and generated tangible takeaways for participants. Discussions were held under Chatham House rule, with the key outcomes produced by Gastech Knowledge Partner, Wood Mackenzie.

Hydrogen - unlocking the off-takers and market signals needed to secure demand

Hydrogen is poised to become a pivotal player in achieving net-zero, and eliminating scope 3 emissions in challenging sectors. This Leadership Roundtable sought to address the pressing question of how the hydrogen and ammonia industry can foster the development of market structures and business models that attract off-takers to this low-carbon product. Participants discussed the following topics: 

  • Meeting off-taker needs
  • Incentivising supply and infrastructure
  • Clarifying policy signals
  • Technical innovation and cost reductions
  • Driving global trade

Does the world need new models of cooperation in global gas markets?

In the wake of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and the subsequent transformation of the gas and LNG industry, this roundtable discussed tackled the pressing need for cooperation models, and explored what constitutes meaningful collaboration in this evolving landscape. 

With Russian-piped gas to Europe significantly reduced, increased market competition, and heightened emphasis on decarbonisation and supply flexibility, cooperation models have become more vital than ever. The conversation revolved around the challenges and opportunities in forging effective partnerships, recognising the diverse cultural and operational
nuances in the gas world. Participants discussed the following topics: 

  • The emergence of a 'global' gas and LNG market
  • Balancing energy security with sustainability
  • Cooperative responses to the 2022 gas crisis
  • Government-to-corporate partnerships
  • Supplier-to-buyer partnerships
  • Regional-to-government partnerships
  • Demand-side partnerships
  • Methane reduction

The LNG supply/demand conundrum - achieving alignment on market fundamentals

This roundtable revolved around the dynamics of gas and LNG demand, primarily in the context of the energy transition and its impact on the industry's future. 

Set in the context of the energy transition and its impact on the industry’s future, the focus of this roundtable revolved around the dynamics of gas and LNG demand, high (and low) growth regional markets, the critical role of aggregators and LNG affordability. Participants discussed the following topics:

  • Robust long-term outlook
  • Decarbonisation and CCUS
  • Potential for no peak in gas demand
  • Short-term uncertainties
  • Focus on Asia
  • European demand 
  • The importance of aggregators
  • Ensuring affordability

How will the gas and LNG industry make a step change in its decarbonising efforts?

As the LNG industry grapples with the imperative of decarbonisation, a Leadership Roundtable discussion shed light on the way forward. What strategies and actions are necessary to drive a transformative shift for the LNG industry towards decarbonisation? And what might be needed to facilitate these? Participants discussed the following topics: 

  • Prioritising methane emissions
  • Balancing data and action
  • Addressing value chain emissions
  • Challenges in decarbonisation
  • Decarbonisation in maritime sectors
  • Decarbonising developing countries
  • Engaging with governments 
  • Collaboration in research and development 

Unlocking the full potential of East Mediterranean low-carbon gas

Reflecting on the participation of the East Mediterranean Gas Forum (EMGF) at Gastech 2023, the roundtable was designed to discuss the region’s rich gas resources, successful upstream
development, and climate goals. The aim was to explore how the East Mediterranean region could assume a pivotal role in expanding the global energy supply, and address the growing
demand for low-carbon gas in Europe and Africa. The following topics were discussed: 

  • East Mediterranean potential
  • Deterrents for investment
  • The role of the EMGF
  • Low-carbon gas supply
  • Addressing global challenges

Global policy: how are governments shaping the outlook for gas and LNG?

With natural gas critical to both energy supply and security and decarbonisation efforts, governments must evolve policy to incentivise investments in supply, long-term contracts and infrastructure build-out to ensure demand can be met. 

Simultaneously, in many countries there is rising pressure to accelerate the delivery of commitments made at recent COPs around global climate policy, which will impact the role of gas as a primary energy source in the long term. Governments have a major role to play to deliver a transition to a low-carbon future, with gas both a part of the solution but also requiring action to decarbonise faster. Policy is central to this. The following topics were discussed:

  • The role of gas in ensuring energy security through the future growth in supply
  • Policies to unlock future gas market potential
  • The right policy measures are necessary to incentivise the industry to reduce emissions
  • Incentivising the next generation of gas

Financing the transition: How are capital flows to innovations in climate technologies shifting in the wake of the global energy crisis?

During the roundtable, critical insights were shared regarding the challenges and opportunities of financing the energy transition to achieve net zero ambitions. It was noted that the prioritisation of decarbonisation is making it harder to meet the world’s near-term energy needs, as developing new oil and gas projects becomes more challenging. The following topics were discussed: 

  • Decarbonisation and energy supply challenges
  • ESG considerations limit financing
  • Return-seeking investors
  • Narrative building
  • Chinese leading activity
  • Decarbonising demand
  • Portfolio approach
  • Dynamic capital equilibrium 

Will LNG trading redefine the global gas market landscape?

At this roundtable, industry leaders came together to discuss various aspects of LNG trading. It was recognised by participants as an increasingly integral part of broader business activities,
bridging the gap between gas and other energy sources. Participants discussed the opportunity for continued market growth development, and highlighted the role of traders as crucial for maximising the value of physical gas assets. Participants discussed the following topics: 

  • The role of trading
  • New markets entrants
  • Potential market development 
  • What makes a successful LNG trader?
  • Dominating forces

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