Norway, Europe’s energy powerhouse



Christopher Hudson, President, dmg events

European energy markets are in flux. As the industry moves fast to cope with a resurgence of post-pandemic demand and continued disruptions to energy flows caused by the crisis in Ukraine, Europe is looking for long-term sources of reliable energy.

In this volatile landscape, Norway’s abundance of oil, gas, and hydropower resources make it uniquely well-positioned to strengthen European energy security, without compromising on its green transition.

Exporting close to 90% of its total energy production, Norway is the seventh-largest natural gas producer in the world. With comparatively low production costs and reduced carbon emissions, Norway has been a strong position to support global markets, even before the global increase in demand.

As Russian gas cut-offs upend energy security, and transatlantic LNG tankers struggle to top up supplies, Norway is playing an important stabilising role on the European continent. If worst-case projections of a long and harsh winter and large-scale energy-rationing come to pass, Norway’s supply capacity will be ever more critical.

The Nordic country has a range of natural advantages that make it well-equipped to lead Europe’s energy transition. As one of the first countries to implement a carbon tax, Norway has a long history of leading the wider Scandinavian region’s energy policy. Its almost entirely renewables-based electricity system has sustainably exported electricity to neighbouring countries for decades, and positions Norway well as a future leader in hydrogen production.

European neighbours can learn from Norway’s successful efforts in decarbonising a range of sectors with innovations in electric vehicles, carbon capture and storage, and the hydrogen space all likely to have an influence on Europe’s ongoing efforts to meet net zero targets.

Innovations from across Norway’s energy value chain will be on full display at this year’s Gastech through the Norway country pavilion on the Gastech exhibition floor. Hosting over 4,000 delegates, and over 38,000 attendees, Gastech will feature more than 750 exhibitors from across the energy value chain, and 16 national pavilions showcasing the latest innovations in the industry.

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