Gastech in Focus: Christiana Figueres

Christopher Hudson, President, dmg events

Gastech 2022 is just a few days away, with a vibrant array of leading business figures and policymakers from around set to participate in the conference’s agenda-setting debates on the future of energy and the just transition.  

Few speakers, however, will be more anticipated than Christiana Figueres, the former Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC. At the Gastech strategic conference, Ms Figueres will lend her vast experience leading national and multilateral climate policy deliberations to a much-needed debate on the importance of achieving climate justice and the role for the energy sector in meeting key decarbonisation objectives. 

As the architect of the landmark Paris Agreement, and one of the world’s most celebrated climate experts, Ms Figueres will offer her unique perspectives on the direction of the climate agenda.

Having taken the reins of the world’s climate negotiations after talks failed in Copenhagen in 2009, she spent the next six years working to rebuild the global consensus on climate change. Under her leadership, the UNFCCC successfully brought together national and sub-national governments, corporations and activists, financial institutions, and NGOs to jointly deliver an unprecedented climate agreement in Paris in 2015.

We are delighted, therefore, to have Ms Figueres share her insights into the present geopolitical landscape and how competing interests may be reconciled in contentious of debates on energy security and a just transition.

Delegates will be served up a thoughtful discussion when Ms Figueres takes to the stage on Day 2 of Gastech 2022 for a fireside chat with NYU’s John Defterios. Ms Figueres’ success as UNFCCC Executive Director lay in finding common ground across a diverse coalition of nations. In this regard, her views on the upcoming COP27 summit – widely viewed as Africa’s COP, where the theme of a just transition will be high on the agenda – will be keenly anticipated.

Speaking to an audience of global business leaders, Ms Figueres will share her perspective on how the gas sector can leverage its unparalleled capacity for innovation in support of climate objectives. But we can also expect plain-speaking advice from an industry outsider on where the sector can do more in tackling fugitive emissions and advancing climate action.

In parallel to the plenary session, Ms Figueres will also take part in a Leadership Round Table at Gastech’s Global Energy Club. The discussion, held under the Chatham House rule, will offer a chance for a leading climate expert to engage directly in frank discussions with other global energy leaders from the public and private sectors aimed at driving forward debate on energy transition, energy security and the role of LNG and natural gas in enabling both.

In a full programme, flush with heavyweight industry speakers, we’re especially excited to welcome Ms Figueres to Milan. The only way to be part of the conversation is to join us at Gastech 2022.

Don’t miss it, this September 5th-8th at Fiera Milano. Register now: