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Hydrogen zone: Championing hydrogen as a low-carbon solution within the future energy mix

With billions of dollars being invested into research and development around production, storage and utilisation, momentum is growing around hydrogen as a potential game changer in the worldʼs transition to a sustainable energy future.

To reap the benefits of decarbonisation, hydrogen will need to be adopted in mobility, transportation, and electricity production. There will need to be collaboration between policymakers, and producers.

Held within the main Gastech Exhibition the Hydrogen zone will provide a unique perspective for visitors to connect, network, and find new technologies, innovations, and contributions to the hydrogen value chain. Exhibiting companies will showcase hydrogen solutions, and demonstrate hydrogen’s role in reducing emissions to meet climate commitments.

2023 Hydrogen exhibitors:

Climatetech zone: Decarbonising the energy value chain

In 2050, almost 50% of required CO2 emissions reductions will come from widespread use of technologies that are still under development today, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). 

The Climatetech zone will provide a showcase for existing climate technologies available for development at scale, as well as new and emerging technologies. Attendees will be able to source physical technologies such as carbon capture, direct air capture, carbon movement and storage systems, as well digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, analytics, remote sensing, and geographic information systems. 

Meet with thought leaders from global energy and technology companies in the Climatetech zone, to explore the latest solutions, services, and technologies that will have a role to play in addressing climate change, and decarbonising the energy value chain.


2023 Climatetech exhibitors:

Shipping and Marine zone: Investing in LNG infrastructure

Shipping and marine resources have been stretched by recent high demand for new supply sources and mechanisms for delivery. With energy security concerns, policymakers and energy leaders have had to review energy security policy and invest in more LNG infrastructure. This has highlighted a shortage of LNG tankers and storage facilities.

Located within the main Gastech Exhibition, the dedicated Shipping and Marine zone will showcase available infrastructure opportunities, alongside spotlighting how marine services, logistics, and transportation of freight can be achieved in a greener, more sustainable and environmentally responsible way.


2023 Shipping and Marine exhibitors:

Start-up zone: Join the most promising energy entrepreneurs

The Start-up zone on the show floor at Gastech 2023 will bring together some of Asia-Pacific’s finest energy entrepreneurs. It will also provide start-ups from across the globe with a unique platform to showcase their innovations to the world’s energy technologists, allowing the industry to develop the next generation of energy transition solutions.

To deliver this level of accelerated innovation, a robust start up ecosystem must be developed to support the development of new products and business models. To scale these innovations sufficiently to address the challenges facing the energy system, corporate/start-up partnerships are essential.


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