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The Gastech Conference is at the heart of the energy sector. It convenes the industry’s esteemed figures, from Ministers to global c-suite executives, policymakers to technological innovators, all gathering with a singular objective: transforming the trajectory of the energy industry through vision, innovation and action.

The Strategic Conference and Technical & Commercial Conference will host a carefully selected line-up of experts hailing from the world’s leading economies and renowned specialists in the energy sector.

The Gastech Conference serves as a platform for exploring the complex geo-political and economic issues steering the direction of the global energy landscape, while providing invaluable insights into the scientific and engineering developments behind the leading technologies.


Gastech Strategic Conference Agenda

Ministers, policymakers, and global CEOs will set new agendas for the energy industry and advance critical discussions on global energy security and transitions.

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Every year, Gastech presents an invaluable opportunity for our industry to take a leadership role in the energy transition and make real commitments to the innovations and investments that will define the future of natural gas and LNG. Gastech 2024 will be no different, as we roll out the most comprehensive and results-driven agenda in the event’s history, with a strong focus on strengthening energy security, mobilizing decarbonization financing, enhancing environmental performance, driving the development of climate technologies, and fostering a supportive and forward-thinking policy and regulatory environment. Hosted in Houston, the home of Mexico Pacific and the epicenter of the global energy system, we have a responsibility to ensure that Gastech 2024 effectively addresses the challenges and opportunities that we face as a collective industry, and generates opportunities for the partnerships and collaboration needed to successfully deliver on our goals.

Sarah Bairstow
Chief Executive Officer of Mexico Pacific

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Gastech Executive Committee

The 2024 Executive Committee is comprised of industry leaders. The members are focused on developing a progressive and ambitious agenda for the Strategic Conference, whilst reviewing the critical themes across the sector.

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The Gastech Governing Body

The Governing Body is a 50-member committee focused on ensuring the Technical & Commercial Conference supports research of the highest standards. Members are made up of a select group of professionals spanning the full gas, LNG, hydrogen, and energy supply chain, with the heritage of some members going back 40 years. 

This year, the committee has assessed 1,200 call-for-paper submissions against a specific criterion and advises on the best papers for inclusion.

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